"If we want the dog to change, we must first change our approach towards the dog"

"If your not getting the desired behaviour from your dog, your approach needs to change"

"If your dog is not balanced, it will worry and struggle to be at peace"

"Once your dog becomes balanced, it will relax and become more calm"

"You must establish control over your dog, or your dog will control you"

"You must be the leader of the pack, in order for your dog to have permission to rest"

"The vast majority of the problems I see with dogs, would be cancelled out if the human was the boss and not the dog"

"The vast majority of the problems I see with dogs, is the result of the handlers approach"

How we train our dogs 🙂

Gundog training
Obedience training

We train pets for obedience and control, along with working gundogs for the shooting field.

With all our training sessions we aim for having a happy balanced dog, that follows the handlers lead.


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